Friday, January 05, 2007

A good sport

I called Kathy Stein this morning to make sure she had not taken our opposition to her appointment as judiciary chair personally. I pointed out that we had said repeatedly that we considered her a very capable advocate for her positions and that her integrity was never in question (see various comments on this below). I pointed out to her that our problem with with House leadership, not with her personally.

She very nicely said she hadn't taken it personally and knew exactly where we were coming from, and not to worry about it. She also said she continued to oppose casino gambling, and expected that we would be working with her on that and other issues.

As I said publicly several times, I have a whole lot more personal respect for Stein for her candor on where she stands than I do for those politicians who deny what they really believe--or for those who call themselves one thing when they are really something else. It just goes to show you can disagree with someone and not be hateful about it.

She's a good sport, and deserves credit for it.

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Anonymous said...

Billy Harper announced his this morning. What does everyone think? Can he win? What are your thoughts of him as a candidate?