Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nickolas goes berserk over wingnuts under the bed

Meanwhile, over at the increasingly strident blog of Mark Nickolas, there is a post titled, "Wingnuts go berserk". He says in the post that the "wingnuts" are "going nuts" over her potential appointment to chair the House Judiciary Committee. Lo and behold, this is a reference to my remarks yesterday about Rep. Stein.

And what, precisely, does Nickolas consider "going nuts"? Was it my observation that Stein is one of the most liberal members of the State House? If so, then what are we to make of the fact that Larry Dale Keeling, who is of the same ideological stripe as Stein says, over at KyKurmudgeon:
And a more moderate majority leadership could help Lexington Rep. Kathy Stein, one of the most liberal members of the General Assembly...
Does that make Keeling a "wingnut" too?

Perhaps it is my observation that Stein is "out of the mainstream" and that her selection would be a poor political move by Democrats who have been trying to avoid the label of "San Francisco Democrats" in a very conservative state. Does Nickolas seriously think that Stein is not out of the mainstream? Or that this is a bad political move for the Democrats? After all, he is in the political consulting business. Does anyone want to hire a man who can't see the politically obvious?

And by the way, can someone buy this man a thesaurus? If I had time, I would count up the numerous occurrences of "wingnut" on his blog, but, alas, I don't. It's just heartrending to think of all those poor synonyms out there feeling neglected right now.


Anonymous said...

You might try using your Thesaurus on "San Francisco Democrat".

Anonymous said...

Kathy Stein is NOT qualified. I will give only two of the many reasons why Speaker Richards should NOT let Stein Chair the Judiciary Committee.

1. On July 13, 2006, Jonathan Miller publicly supported Kathy Stein to draft legislation to make it legal for taxpayer money to pay state employees to chat all day with Stein's good friend, Mark Nickolas on the blog Jonathan Miller conceived.

In the Spring of 2005, Kentucky Treasurer Jonathan Miller conceived the blog and wined and dined Mark Nickolas until Nickolas agreed to operate the blog. The blog has a reputation of slandering politicians, judges and public official, but naturally supports Kathy Stein and Jonathan Miller.

The legislation that Jonathan Miller supports and Kathy Stein is drafting illustrates that Stein and Miller play FAVORITES when drafting legislative bills. The bill shows a complete disrespect for how taxpayer money should be spent.

2. Stein showed a complete lack of respect for the families and friends of our men and women in the military when she vehemently and callously removed the POW/MIA flag hanging at the old courthouse building in Lexington. Whether you are for or against the Iraq War (and I oppose the Iraq War), her stance on that was anti-patriotic and anti-American. That flag should be there as a bitter-sweet reminder of the sacrifices men and women in the military make.

Jonathan Miller and Kathy Stein must be held accountable for their use of taxpayer money. Jonathan Miller encouraged Mark Nickolas to operate that blog full time. A legitimate question that I have seen raised on blogs is: "Has Jonathan Miller or Kathy Stein donated any taxpayer money from their Discretionary Funds into that blog from the funds they both can use to enable Mark Nickolas to trash talk public officials that stand in the way of Miller and Stein?"

Martin Cothran said...

I checked out "San Francisco Democrat" in my thesaurus, this is what it gave me: "Nancy Pelosi, Kathy Stein, Mark Nickolas". Do you think I should use one of these?

Anonymous said...

Martin, if you are asking THIS anonymous poster that posted at: 11:31 ... I have to say, with all due respect, I wouldn't even put Nancy Pelosi in the same "classification" as Nickolas, Stein and Jonathan Miller.

I think Pelosi is a true BLUE leftie ... but I do NOT think that Miller, Stein or Nickolas are true left or true democrats.

I am a democrat and people like those three give MY PARTY a bad name.

I would call them the EGOCENTRIC party.

Stein and Miller don't give a damn about the good of the WHOLE Commonwealth. They (Miller, Stein) don't care how much it costs the taxpayer for Miller's blog to become a success....

Nickolas is just a liar and a cheat for his egocentric ideas to be peddled through the community.

Nancy Pelosi, is NOT as bad as them.