Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More HPV vaccination facts

My debate with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Kathy Stein on "Kentucky Tonight" over her bill to require HPV vaccinations for middle school girls seemed to go well last night. I will post the podcast from KET as soon as it is up. Meanwhile, here is an interesting article filled with facts on the issue that was posted today on the Rural Democrat blog.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cothran, I saw you on KET and thought you did a wonderful job trying to protect the right's of parents. One thing, Tracy Goff Herman incorrectly implied the WRONG reason why Hepatitis B was included on the vaccine list in Kentucky. While it was controversial, the argument for including the vaccine, at the time, was the fact that if a child found or stepped on a "contaminated needle" in the school yard he/she would contract Hep. b. Thus, Hep. B CAN be contracted at school in more than one way.

Conversely, HPV can only be contracted by genital or anal contact not covered by a condom.

Kathy Stein once said, "preventing government from interfering with a person's body ..." (wvlk)

Kathy Stein once said, "A woman is guaranteed to the right of privacy under the Constitution. There is nothing more private than a woman's womb" http://media.www.louisvillecardinal.

There is no way this virus can be transmitted at school - at all. Therefore, government should not interfere by having the vaccine in legislation as an opt-in or opt-out. This vaccine has no place in legislation at all.

If there were a vaccine manufactured to prevent lung cancer, colon cancer and/or all cancers it is not the job of the government to "decide" if "we the people" or "we the people's children" be vaccinated. All medical choices for our children with diseases that do not pose a threat of contamination to others outside of public places is not the job for government to decide or put in legislation. Lung cancer is not transferred person to person in a public place - therefore, a vaccine for cancer is not the place of government to interfere with the decisions of such vaccines. That is a parent's decision, not the government's.

Stein is right, the right to privacy, the right to decide medical treatment is an inalienable right under the Constitution. Also included in the Constitution is the rights for parents to decide the medical treatment for their children. If a disease is not communicable in a public place by casual contact, breathing the air, or stepping on a rusty nail or dirty needle - it is not the role of government to interfere with the medical decisions for "we the people."

Anonymous said...


You are on the money in protecting parent rights to decide what is best for their children.

I think its ludicrous the dems constantly argue about the intrusive policies of the Bush Administration and then push an even more intrusive bill.

The government has no right to tell me I have to wear a seat belt and it has no right to tell me my daughter is required to have an HPV vaccination. If I think she needs it, I'll be the first to take her to get it.

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