Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kentucky economically classed with Portugal

Norwegian researcher Carl Stormer classes Kentucky with Portugal in terms of its gross national product (GNP). In a map showing each state of the union labeled with the name of the country with the most comparable GNP, Kentucky is closest to Portugal.

Could this mean better soccer, tastier wine, and more attractive architecture? Or worse government and harder to pronounce geographical locations? I'm ready to fully convert over, mostly because of their clearly superior flag.

The comparison of other states is also interesting: California matches up with France, Illinois with Mexico, Indiana with Denmark, and Ohio with Australia. Virginia gets matched with Austria, North Carolina to Sweden, and South Carolina to Singapore. Tennessee gets to be Saudi Arabia.

Among the big states, California is most like France, Texas like Canada, and New York like Brazil.

Oh, and Alaskans will want to familiarize themselves with Belarus.

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