Friday, January 05, 2007

Nancy Pelosi would be proud

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Contact: Martin Cothran

January 5, 2007
Phone: 859-329-1919

LEXINGTON, KY. —“Nancy Pelosi would be proud of this selection,” said a spokesman for a state family advocacy group after it was announced that the Kentucky House of Representative’s most liberal member was appointed to head a committee that handles sensitive social issues. Apparently, the San Francisco Democrats are now firmly in control of one chamber of our legislature,” said Martin Cothran, senior policy analyst with The Family Foundation of Kentucky.

Stein’s appointment comes after leadership changes in the House Democratic caucus, which voted Rep. Bob Damron (D-Nicholasville), a conservative, out of his post as caucus chairman, and replaced him with the more liberal Charlie Hoffman (D-Georgetown).

“It’s too bad Barney Frank was not available for the spot,” said Cothran, referring to the liberal Congressman from Massachusetts.

“Because the judiciary committee deals with fairly divisive social issues, we thought it was important to have a chairman that was not out of the mainstream on political and social issues. There are plenty of moderate Democrats who they could have made chairman of that committee. All we were saying was that we thought the Democratic leadership in the House would be doing itself a favor if it put somebody other than a radical partisan in the position.”

Cothran said the Foundation was not criticizing Kathy Stein. “Kathy Stein has the right to support abortion on demand. She has a right to advocate special rights for homosexuals, and to support gun control, and to introduce bills mandating the forced vaccination of 9 year-old girls. She has the right to do all those things, and she does them in an articulate and effective way. We just thought that maybe someone who had an open mind would be a good pick. But that is clearly not the view of House Democratic leadership.”

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