Monday, March 03, 2014

Jack Conway Held Hostage: Day 19

The first in a series of reports on the hostage crisis in the Kentucky Attorney General's office between the Attorney General and himself over whether to do his constitutional duty and defend Kentucky's Marriage Amendment:

In an apparent stand-off with himself, Attorney General Jack Conway is holding himself hostage, with his hostage-taker (himself) demanding that he (himself) be relieved of the responsibility of defending a law he is, by constitutional obligation and by his oath of office, sworn to uphold. He is refusing to sign any legal orders with the exception of motions that allow him more time to negotiate with himself over whether he should do his job and appeal the ruling in Bourke vs. Beshear, which struck down part of Kentucky's marriage law which restricts marriages to a relationship between a man and a woman.

Observers had been wondering what had happened to the Attorney General, who, until last Friday, had not put his name to any of the motions in the case and who hasn't shown up for a single meeting called by the judge.

Conway's underlings have had to file the motions and cover the meetings for him, but they have clearly been confused about what to do because, nineteen days after the ruling, the AG has failed to resolve the conflict between the two Jacks. Repeated questions from the judge of assistant attorney generals have been met by indecision and confusion.

In fact, it is unclear, given the quality of briefs and motions filed in the case whether they were even written by someone with a law degree. Some observers suspect the real author of the documents to be the lady who waters the plants in the office—or possibly the janitor.

His office has declined to give any information regarding the hostage's condition other than to say that the AG is "distraught."

We will continue to update readers from Kentucky's Capitol on this developing crisis.


Unknown said...

Jack, just do the right thing, it will set you free.

Luke said...

Attorney General Conway, Jim and I have been waiting for 45 years, longer than you have been alive, to have our relationship honored by equality. Please do the right thing and honor our commitment by you making a commitment to us! You didn't have the problem we had on Friday. You didn't have the embarrassment we did by being told "you two don't matter" your equality isn't as important as yours!

Anonymous said...

Do you proofread the crap you spew before you post it? DE

Anonymous said...

Even though the move would be doomed to failure because of which party controls the House, some Republican should draft Articles of Impeachment against Conway for failure to perform his statutory duties.