Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Obama Doctrine

You almost have to try, as the President of the most power country on earth, to make yourself irrelevant in global politics, but this seems to be the chief achievement of Obama's foreign policy. We have observed before on this blog the specifics of Obama's economic policy, which consists of the following principles:

Principle #1: ????????????????????????????
Principle #2: ????????????????????????????

And, last but not least, his most unforgettable economic axiom:

Principle #3: ????????????????????????????

Which leads us to Obama's foreign policy, which contains only one basic rule, which goes as follows:


This is why, in the contest now with Russia over the control of the Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin is hunkered down in the Kremlin, trembling at the very thought of the following action by the United States, aimed right at the heart of Russia's aspirations in Eastern Europe:


Wait. Just a second. That's not trembling. That's ... that's ... Putin ... doubled over laughing at the incompetence of the current administration in Washington.


Art said...

Typical American Christian conservative.

I rather suspect that Martin, whose thoughts and ideals are firmly rooted in the 13th century, pines for another Arnaud Amalric and his approach to sorting out difficult situations such as this.

KyCobb said...


What would you do? Start WWIII over the Crimea? Putin hasn't exactly been laughing today; he's had to deal with the economic crisis his actions have caused as the Russian stock market and the Ruble have plunged.

Singring said...

Both Obama and Kerry have criticized Russia sharply in the past few days and have threatened economic sanctions.

But apparently, unless a President carpet-bombs a country at the first sign of political strife he is a dithering coward.

Much better to do it like Bush and Cheney and charge into various wars at the same time without any plan whatsoever, then, after having gotten completely drunk a the bar, leave the $3 trillion tab with the poor shmuck at the end of the counter.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime Germany won't do squat because Putin has the natural gas franchise in Germany, and we all know how much the Russians love Krauts.