Tuesday, March 04, 2014

NEWS: Conway refuses to appeal marriage case, bails on voters

Today's Family Foundation's press release:

LEXINGTON, KY--"Jack Conway announced today that he is not going to defend the state's Constitution and the rights of Kentucky voters despite the fact that he took an oath of office to do exactly that," said a spokesman for The Family Foundation, the group which pushed for the Marriage Amendment in 2004.

"The voters have been disenfranchised and the Attorney General said today that he is not going to do anything about it," said Martin Cothran. "Jack Conway has raised the white flag after the first shot was fired. He isn't going to win any medals for bravery in the fight to protect Kentucky voters."

Cothran had criticized the Attorney General for "spiking the case" by offering weak arguments, not showing up for meetings with the judge, and, until last Friday, not signing a single motion in the case himself. In response to the Governor's ensuing decision to appoint another attorney to argue the case, Cothran said, "If I were the Governor, I'd get another attorney too."

Conway said he didn't think he would be successful if he appealed. "A good attorney fights harder when the odds are against him. He doesn't just quit."



KyCobb said...

Conway did defend it. As I pointed out in the post below, whether to appeal a ruling or not is entirely within his discretion. He made the decision that the Virginia AG should've made in 1967.

Anonymous said...

Even though the move would be doomed to failure because of which party controls the House, some Republican should draft Articles of Impeachment against Conway for failure to perform his statutory duties.