Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Adventures in Tolerance: Feelin' the luv from the LGBT Hate Lobby

Just in case you thought that the champions of Tolerance and Diversity were in favor of, oh, I don't know, tolerance and diversity, here is one of the comments on PBS' website about the segment yesterday that I was in:
Wow. This Cothran guy is the consummate bigot! Must be great to be the Klan, without all the robes n physical murder. Murder of freedom to be one's self is so much more fun for these ghouls. Thugs like Cothran n his ilk in the Bubba Belt really need to have their brand of deviance, which is far less legitimate than gay marriage, set straight. I doubt this thug ridden Supreme Kangaroo Court is up to the task, but there's always hope. And I am a straight guy, not that it should matter.
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Anonymous said...

Typical response. Intimidation and half-truths are their strength, do not let them get to you.

I see the end of Western Civilization should the Supreme Court vote to condemn marriage as it is currently defined. I seriously doubt that these individuals will be content stopping at marriage. When we lose respect and the sactity of marriage and family we lose it all as s society.

One of the Judge's asked why the Greek civilization did not sanction homosexual marriage....the answer is, even then, they knew that a society can not survive without traditional marriage.

Keep up the good fight.


Anonymous said...

You and all the millions of others before us throughout all time are bigots and only NOW, do we have correct, tolerant thinking on marriage.

They just want to strip the Godly institution of marriage away from what is right and natural and turn into something wrong and unnatural.