Sunday, April 19, 2015

What Same-Sex Marriage Denies Children: Excerpts from Family Foundation's Supreme Court Amicus Brief

We will be running excerpts from The Family Foundation's amucus brief as we approach the oral arguments on Kentucky's Marriage Protection Amendment before United States Supreme Court on April 28. In this first excerpt, Family Foundation attorney Stan Cave explains what the case is really about:
This case is about marriage, parenting and children. Same-sex marriage withholds either a father or a mother while telling the child that it does not matter—that it is all the same; but it is not the same. Gay marriage not only redefines marriage, it also redefines parenting. Same-sex marriage purports to normalize a family structure that necessarily deprives children of something precious and foundational—either a father or a mother. Gay marriage denies children something they long for while at the same time telling children they do not need what they naturally crave. Claimants say it will be okay—but it is not.

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