Thursday, April 09, 2015

One way Christian merchants can deal with the New Intolerance

My former co-worker, Andrew Walker, has a priceless article at First Things, in which he proposes one way that bakers, photographers, and florists can deal with the Tolerance Police who will now force them to violate their consciences in violation of First Amendment protections. Here is his proposed policy for a Christian baker:
So, we will serve same-sex wedding services. We will do so unhappily and with a bothered conscience. But if we must do so with a bothered conscience, we reserve the right as a condition of the marketplace to bother others' consciences as well. If we are coerced into baking for events we disagree with, we will return the favor and use the funds of those we disagree with to fund the organizations they disagree with. If you are unhappy with this new policy or it conflicts with your own convictions about marriage, we invite you to take your business elsewhere.
The whole article is excellent. Read it here.

And I'll add the point that any person coming to a Christian baker and realizing he is violating the owner's conscience by asking them to do this (or anything else, really) and demanding it anyway when he could easily go somewhere else and get the same service really must have some issues he needs to deal with. I just can't imagine the lack of consideration and common politeness that would impel a person to do that, knowing what your beliefs are.

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