Thursday, April 02, 2015

Indiana Wimps Out: State buckles to anti-Christian bigotry

Is there no one who will stand up the pro-LGBT bullies?

While a Christian owner of a pizza parlor in small town Indiana has to shut its doors in the face of a hate campaign by opponents of the Indiana law for simply answering a hypothetical question from a reporter, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Republican state lawmakers gave in to the increasingly intolerant demands of opponents of religious freedom.

The Governor and his invertebrate allies announced they are passing a gay rights law to try to appease critics, making Indiana law even less friendly to people with religious convictions who are supposed to be protected by the Constitution.  It is precisely gay rights laws that are being used to bully religious people.

Once again, so-called conservative leaders have abandoned the people they're supposed to be standing up for to appease people who have no reticence in using the new "clarification" of Indiana law to persecute people with whom they disagree.

Where are the cases of anti-gay discrimination that are even remotely comparable to what just happened in Wilkerton, Indiana, where, at last report, a family is holed up in their house after being targeted for persecution by the people who say Indiana can't have a law they say might be used to persecute them.

This is just disgusting.

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Peggy Miller said...

Mr.Cochran, you and I do not agree on LBGT issues. I do respect your right to your opinions and beliefs. Yesterday you said that it would be preposterous for a restaurant to deny service to gays or lesbians because restaurants are in the business of making money. In January, my spouse and I were traveling to Florida from Kentucky so that she could escape the ill effects of cold winter on her health. Just across the Florida line in Lake City, we stopped at a Huddle House restaurant. With a manager watching, servers refused to wait on us. We are 60 year old women. Upon leaving, I asked the manager if he had a problem with us. He said you have a problem.