Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family Foundation press release on the death of Justice Heyburn

Today's Family Foundation press release:

For Immediate Release

April 30, 2015

LEXINGTON, KY— The Family Foundation offered its condolences today to the family of Justice John G. Heyburn, the judge who struck down Kentucky's Marriage Amendment. "We strongly disagreed with Judge Heyburn's decision," said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group who had helped pass the law, "but people of good will can disagree."

Cothran had debated Judge Heyburn last November at the Women Lawyers Association of Louisville, a debate that was considered historic because it involved someone who had been instrumental in passing the state constitutional amendment and the sitting judge who made the ruling.

"I had been told before the debate that Judge Heyburn had inoperable cancer," said Cothran. "I tried to be deferential to him because he was a federal judge, but, unconsciously, I think, also because I knew he was ill. Still it was a spirited but cordial debate. We talked before and after in very friendly terms. He seemed like a good man."


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