Tuesday, June 02, 2015

All Together Now: Let's all pretend that the whole Bruce Jenner affair makes perfect sense

I have a longer post going up in the next day or two about the whole Bruce Jenner affair, but what has been so surprising about the whole surreal moral meltdown it represents is how so-called "conservatives," having laid aside whatever critical faculties they had (and, let's face it, it does vary), have surrendered to the mindless nonsense of postmodern gender ideology.

When Jenner came out and announced that he was morphing into a woman, I expected the Anderson Coopers and Rachel Maddows of the world to sing their hosannahs, but last night on Fox News, it was a veritable love-fest in response to the Vanity Fair cover showing Jenner, newly-dubbed "Kaitlyn," in a corset.

First off there was Meghan Kelly, who, having just finished bragging about how firmly she was going to deal with the Duggars because, you know, that's just the way she is with everyone, couldn't contain her admiration for Jenner.

Then, just about 30 minutes later, Kelly appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show, where Bill asked her what she thought about Jenner's supposed gender change. But the patented Meghan Kelly tough girl act she likes to brag about was nowhere to be seen. "I give him a lot of credit," said Kelly. "I think he's courageous."


I'm trying to imagine all the suffering and embarrassment that must be involved in being featured in a glowing cover story in a major pop culture magazine and having virtually everyone in the media, whatever their politics, fawning, if not outright salivating, all over you.

Courageous? Really?

Of course, there are some of us out there (called "males," a term used for humans with XY chromosomes before this system of gender determination became politically unpopular) who actually would be embarrassed to appear in a corset--on a magazine cover or anywhere else. But we are hard to find now, except at Nascar tracks and bowling alleys.

At what point is this absurd "courage" meme going to be seen for what it is? When will we acknowledge that when gays or people who claim to be transgender "come out," it isn't to angry crowds, but to a sycophantic popular media?

How long do we have to keep pretending that gays are really persecuted?

But O'Reilly's response to Kelly's silly remarks was even more interesting. I mean, surely Bill, the impresario of the "No Spin Zone," would press Kelly on such a blitheringly nonsensical statement. Even O'Reilly--Bill the tough guy--caved without a fight. "Well, people can do what they want," he said. "This is America and nobody should comment on it."

In other words, don't dare question the fact that a person can change his gender through the power of sheer emotion with a little assistance from a cosmetic surgeon. Don't even think about it.

Thank you Fox News, for the advice. You just go on pretending this all makes sense while a few of the rest of us who think feelings can't change the nature of reality practice a little common sense.

In fact, surprisingly, the most sensible coverage of the issue came on some CNN show (the one on late that features the male and female co-anchors with the British accents), who interviewed a transgender man critical of the whole Jenner affair, who pointed out (and you can only say this if you are transgender) that you can't change your gender.

But back on Fox News is was all postmodern fluff.



Rob Mattheu said...

Tomorrow they'll be back with the wholesome Duggars, so relax.

Unknown said...

I presume that you've seen Matt Walsh's piece.

KyCobb said...


Its called minding your own business. What is it to you that Caitlyn use to be Bruce? Why do you feel compelled to criticize her?

Martin Cothran said...


Where did I criticize Bruce Jenner? The only person I know criticizing Bruce Jenner is "Kaitlyn" Jenner, who has pretty much said that Bruce was insufficient. Go read the news. I criticized the media, not Bruce Jenner, although I reserve the right to do so in the future.

And minding my own business? Does that involve using a blindfold and ear plugs? I'm thinking that's probably the only way you can avoid this story.

But let me explain a few basic facts to you: First, the purpose of a blog is not to "mind your own business." It is to comment on issues of the day. This is the issue of the day. Therefore I comment on it. Is there something about that you don't get?

In addition, if everyone is supposed to mind their own business, then why are you getting on my blog and telling me to mind my own business? I can't think of anything the minds someone else's business more than that.

If you need any further clarification on why we're all here, let me know and I'll try to help.

Anonymous said...

This past week I feel as if I have been living in some bizarre, real-life version of The Emperor's New Clothes. It's truly insane.


KyCobb said...


Of course this blog is for commenting. The appropriate comment is "this is Caitlyn Jenner's business and nobody elses. If she is happy, more power to her."

Second, I'll quit posting comments here if you want me to, but then why do you even have a comment section? I'm one of the few you actually post comments here.

And on your point about the transgendered not being subject to persecution? Here is a link to refute that: http://www.vox.com/2015/6/3/8721531/caitlyn-jenner-transgender-poverty

It may be relatively easy for a rich white celebrity to come out as transgendered, but most people don't have that luck.

Martin Cothran said...


I was not questioning whether you should comment on my blog, but the blanket permission I give to you and everyone else doesn't exempt you from abiding by the rules you say in the comments section other people ought to live by. You said I should mind my own business in the very act of minding mine. I was criticizing you for being hypocritical.

You can say anything you want to on my blog within the stated rules, but if you tell me to not to do something in a comment where you do the very thing you say people should not do, don't expect me to pass up the opportunity to point it out to you.

I have no desire for you not to post and the reason you're one of the few commenters is partly because I have been spotty in my posting over the last year and partly because most of my readers are now on Facebook and Twitter, and that's where most of the comments about my blog posts appear.

If you would like, you can visit my Vital Remnants Facebook page too, although I think it is an unfortunate trend that people are going to these more limited in the length and depth of what you can say and transient types of media, since the discussions get buried much faster.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much sure of anything anymore, but I'm pretty sure Wheaties won't be putting Ms. Jenner on their cereal boxes...well, maybe in San Francisco.