Wednesday, June 03, 2015

CNN lectures Duggars, excuses Jenner's abandonment of his children

The children Bruce Jenner abandoned when they were young.
So on CNN tonight, multiple psychological professionals joined Don Lemon to wag their fingers at the Duggar family and give them preachy sermons on being self-righteous, all apparently unaware of how self-righteous they looked doing it, as well as lecturing them on how they could have been better parents.

Several of these "professionals" on the program suggested that the entire family--Josh and the sisters he victimized when he was a minor (who have been victimized even worse by CNN publicizing what happened to them despite the fact that their records were supposed to be sealed--all of whom just want to be left alone, get treatment.

Meanwhile, back at Kaitlyn Jenner Central, amidst the blanket adulation of Kaitlyn Jenner--who abandoned his four children and refused to pay child support for ten years when he was an adult, and who is now free of his third wife--no moralistic lectures have been administered about all the things he could have done to be a better father and husband and no treatment has been suggested concerning his confused belief that he is really a woman and how this is connected with this selfish life leading up to now.

Funny how these things work.


Rob Mattheu said...

In an insulated, patriarchal, and highly (abusively?) controlled environment like the Duggars, can we really know that the Duggar girls received the care they needed? The Duggars' defense of their actions has been a combination of lies, head scratching decisions, and a lot of unanswered questions.

Whatever Caitlyn Jenner's failures as a parent, it was apparent from the interview that the children of Caitlyn Jenner and his ex wives all were supportive and wished him well. It's worth noting that NONE of these kids grew up under the oppressive environment that the Duggars have provided their kids, and all were brought up by a parent who could have tried to turn their children against him for what you're bent out of shape about, but they haven't.

The reality is that the issues you and the Duggars have with same sex marriage (harm to children, a warped sense of what marriage is) have all been apparent in the Duggar household. All of the children, including Josh, could be victims of their parenting. It's clear they failed their kids, and from their own comments, that Josh and his welfare was more important to them than the female children in the family. That the Duggars would so readily omit or lie about the reality of their situation shows that they don't really grasp the 10 Commandments or the teaching of the Bible very well. I just hope their kids get help before it is too late.

Martin Cothran said...


So which situation is worse, being groped while you were asleep as a child or having your father abandon you when you were an adolescent? Which do you think has longer lasting effects on your life?

And I understand how threatened you must feel by wholesomeness, but please give me some specific examples of how the Duggars are abusive to their children and explain to me how anything they did or didn't do was as bad as what was done to them by a system that was supposed to protect the daughter's identity.

Do you think Jim Bob could help the family by announcing he's a woman and putting on a corset?

Rob Mattheu said...


WHich situation is worse? I would say it depends on the individual, the situation, and level of mental health care as to which one ultimately is worse. I imagine any professional would tell you the same thing.

How are the Duggars abusive? Their dating methods. Creating a train of siblings. Not providing a real level of contact with the outside world. Not getting competent professional help to deal with an abusive situation. Putting their children on a reality TV show (and yes, they share that with Caitlyn Jenner) while having a terrible secret that apparently several outside people were aware of. Viewing women as submissive to men and dealing with the abuse of their daughters with that viewpoint in mind.

WHolesome is raising your kids to make their own right and wrong decisions and form their own identities, not creating a tightly controlled and repressive environment. Just read about people in the quiverful movement if you need more.

Martin Cothran said...


So basically anyone who disagrees with you on how to raise children is abusive? You just give this litany of all these things you don't agree with the Duggars about with no evidence that these are somehow bad for children (other than it might produce children who agree with them and not you).

I asked for specifics and you give me these general, sweeping dictates you think this family should follow without specifying what the proven harms with how the Duggars raise their children are.

I ask for what's wrong with what they do, and you give me more secular liberal platitudes.

What are the Rob Matthau approved dating methods that are not to be questioned? What is the Rob Matthau limit on the number of children one must and must not have? What are the Rob Matthau-certified outside-the-home activities all children must engage in?

I'd be curious to hear more about your secular dogmas of family life and conduct and how you would judgmentally enforce them.

ROb Mattheu said...


It's amusing to hear you defend these people. Really it is. Maybe you should spend less time on your screeds and more time researching about these people you're defending.

My dogma of life? Don't treat your kids like crap. Don't treat women like second class citizens. Don't abuse your kids. Think. Judge people on how they act and what they do, not their race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. The Duggars are liars. That's proven. The Duggars are a member of a group that uses abusive techniques headed by a man who had allegations of sexual misconduct and molestation against him from numerous women.

Maybe it's just me and thousands of others online, but a group of men who wish to keep women down and treat them solely as sexual objects, while keeping their "discipline" secret is creepy, gross, and abusive. If you're into it, great. I am not. I don't consider that judgemental, I simply consider it good common sense. But then, I'm shameless.

Martin Cothran said...

Right. Abuse: What Rob doesn't like.

So are you kids as well-adjusted as the Duggar kids seem to be?

Rob Mattheu said...

Abuse: What Rob doesn't like.

Exactly. I think abuse is awful. Certainly you agree.

Are the Duggar kids well adjusted? They appear poised on camera. Is that the same thing?

Rob said...

But in case you need more reading:

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