Thursday, June 25, 2015

The June Proscription List

The monthly Proscription List is out, containing, as it always does, the nine things Martin Cothran hateth this month--nay, there are ten:

  • Diet drinks
  • Psychological excuses for immoral acts (even my own (acts))
  • Any movie with Ben Stiller in it
  • Diet advice (particularly when it is uninvited)
  • Sincerity (when voiced by politicians)
  • Scientific explanations for moral acts (or any other voluntary acts for that matter)
  • The View
  • Dancing (when done without rules and an equally strict dress code)
  • "Whole grain" anything
  • Pretentious coffee drinks (the exception being Starbuck's flat white which, although extremely pretentious, I also happen to find very tasty and is therefore exempt from this list)

  • Stay tuned for next month's exciting list of things which you too should avoid.

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