Thursday, June 04, 2015

CNN's Chris Cuomo criticizes Fox's Duggar interview, in denial about Bruce Jenner's deadbeat dad past

CNN's Chris Cuomo criticizes Fox's Duggar interview for being a "conversation among friends." That's nothin'. He should check out his own network's treatment of deadbeat dad Bruce Jenner, who hurt his children far worse--and while they were wide awake, no less.

In fact, the double standards and self-righteousness have reached fever pitch at CNN over the Duggar interview. Armies of psychologists have been enlisted in the campaign to lecture the Duggars about whether they did enough to protect their daughters from a brother who groped them in their sleep (as opposed to humiliating them fully conscious before the public, which is what CNN has done).

We have yet to hear words of advice and reproval about what Bruce Jenner did to his children, who, by the way, are still dealing with what he did to them--as opposed to the Duggar children, who are over what Josh did to them and are now dealing with what CNN is doing to them.

Where are the calls, like those CNN has been issuing for the Duggars, for Bruce to undergo treatment to come fully to terms with his deadbeat past (not to mention is self-indulgent present)?

No. They are too busy rubbing the noses of the victims in what their brother did to them.

These people are a menace to society.


Rob Mattheu said...

Why so much effort in defending the Duggar family and their abusive home atmosphere?

Martin Cothran said...

In what way was I defending the Duggars? Did you read the post? I was criticizing the media coverage. I didn't say anything one way or the other about the Duggars.

But since you asked, can you tell me how the Duggar family abused the daughters? And once you've explained that, could you tell me how it compares with what was done to the daughters by the police who illegally revealed their identities and CNN who has been dragging them out in the public for humiliation?

Let's see how concerned you are about the victims.

Anonymous said...

Martin don't bother asking the previous commenter to answer your facts because ,well they just don't have the ability to deal with facts. CNN and Anderson Cooper, Cuomo and Lemon are evil human beings period,and ignorance of this kind cannot be cured. For these people, It boils down to hate, hate of a Christian God. Scripture sais they are blinded with their own high mindedness, wicked and despisers of those who believe. The sad truth is they will NEVER change.

Rob Mattheu said...

Please point me to where the releasing of the information was illegal. Sources and validation of the facts.

As to abuse, a lifestyle in which women are made to be submissive, the children (maybe not the males) are watched like hawks 24 hours a day, including on dates, and the concern about protecting Josh that outweighed the protection of the girls he abused. That's abuse.

And it should be noted that Fox News and the Duggars are putting two of the daughters front and center tonight, and the excerpts they showed have them saying almost exactly the same words as mom and dad, as though it was scripted. That too is abuse. Perhaps fear. Grown adults shouldn't be afraid of mom and dad.

ANd yes, Anonymous, I'm evil for pointing out what's happening. Just ask the Duggars.

Anonymous said...

There have been several follow up articles that document that the leak was not illegal. Only Josh Duggar's name was on the police report and the victims' names were redacted. It was the Duggars who chose to reveal their daughters in a cynical attempt to save their TV show. Martin, I agree the mainstream media is having a field day with thus, but the Duggars aren't worth your time. These people, particularly the father, are narcissists at best and abusive at worth. I assume you are familiar with Bob Gothard and ATI? The Duggars are followers of this nonsense. As I imagine you have Thomist leanings, I would think that ATI would horrify you.

Martin Cothran said...


You're accusing the Duggars girls of giving scripted remarks? Really? Do have have some evidence for this wild charge or are you just blowing smoke again?

Rob Mattheu said...

Watch the interview. Make your own conclusions.