Monday, June 01, 2015

T. S. Eliot and the Politics of the Permanent Things

From "The Permanent Things of T. S. Eliot's Politics" at The Imaginative Conservative:
The expectation of change, in the twentieth century, has been greater than the expectation of continuity, nearly everywhere. And the permanent things, as Eliot called them—those enduring truths and ways of life and standards of order—are awash in the flood of sensual appetite and ideological passion. As Eliot expressed this phenomenon of decadence, referring to standards of education, in his book Notes towards the Definition of Culture, we are “destroying our ancient edifices to make ready the ground upon which the barbarian nomads of the future will encamp in their mechanized caravans.” 
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Anonymous said...

There is a prophetic section in one of Eliot's poems titled What the Thunder (Da) Said.
This is what the Thunder (Da) has to say about the humanly created world-mummery in the "21st century.