Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feminists in need of smelling salts on abortion and breast cancer

This just in from the Tolerance and Diversity desk:

Abortion advocates are all in a tizzy over State Sen. Jack Westwood who sent out a letter to a constituent indicating, among other things, that he believed that there was a connection between abortion and breast cancer. Now this view has certainly been disputed, but whatever the scientific status of the view, it is apparently now considered by the advocates of abortion as simply unacceptable in a civilized society.

In fact the irony of the dust up is that the ladies over at "Kentucky Women: Power, Passion, & Politics, a feminist blog, are practically having fainting spells over it. I didn't think feminists were supposed to do that, but now we are finding out differently. The further irony is that they are charging Westwood with using the issue as a "political toy." Interesting thing, though, that their charges are coming right in the middle of Westwood's reelection campaign, and the Ladies Indignation League for the Stamping Out of Alternative Opinions is in full rant mode. So who is using the issue as a political toy?

Then there is "Jake", over at Page One Kentucky, who can cackle with the best of hens, and who is just rebounding from several posts where he accuses The Family Foundation's Dave Edmunds of homosexuality (I would recommend not informing Edmunds of this until he has adjusted to the birth of his second daughter) for no apparent reason whatsoever other than it apparently makes Jake feel good to say it. Jake, of all people, accuses Westwood of "having a screw loose" simply because he feels the scientific data (of which there is not an insubstantial amount) points to a particular conclusion. Umhmm.

Jake then posts part of a response over at the Ladies Indignation League, after the reading of which, says Jake, "You’ll hate Jack when you’re finished..." Wait, I thought hate was something only the right did? Yet here's Jake muscling into their territory. Imagine that.

I believe it was Jake who posted on this blog a while back that Page One Kentucky was not a liberal blog. Right. Remind us again, will you Jake?

And here is the Rural Democrat's careful analysis of Westwood's position:
Do whaaatt? A strong link between Abortion and Breast Cancer? I think we may have a Republican bigot mouth State Senator that may just make national news with this statement.
A simple dismissive wave of the hand--that's all one needs when engaging in demagoguery, and these people are smooth practitioners of the art.

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Anonymous said...

I know plenty of gay men who've had kids with their former wives. In fact, I had a big gay Easter dinner in DC this year and in attendance were was a father/son pair; the father's now "out" and about in his 50s and the son's straight and engaged. Of course, I'm not saying that this gentleman's gay. I'm just saying that having children is by no means an indication that one is not gay. They may not even be living in much denial in doing it. They may just want kids.

PS: The word data is plural.