Friday, June 06, 2008

Where is the diversity on Dragqueenomics at U of L?

What diversity there must be at U of L! We now have two: Count 'em, two U of L professors bravely defending Dragqueenomics at U of L against criticisms by The Family Foundation's David Edmunds, and ..., let's see, how many U of L professors defending Edmunds?

Let me check my figures here, let's see ... Hmm. That's strange. I can't find any U of L professors taking the opposite position!

Yesterday it was Nancy Theriot, the chairperson of the "Department of Women's and Gender Studies at U of L," defending Draqqueenomics. Today, it is Sam Marcosson, a law professor at U of L's law school who is standing up for this important field of study.

But there is something very interesting about Marcosson's reponse: he doesn't identify himself with U of L. He just signs his letter, "Sam Marcosson, Coordinating Committee, Fairness Campaign." Was there some reason Marcosson doesn't identify himself with U of L? Could it be that it might look suspiciously like U of L isn't so diverse after all?

Where are the anti-dragqeenomics faculty? Where are the faculty who don't think it is good policy to use public money to fund left-wing political and social activism on campus?

Let's see if James Ramsey can find any over at his diverse campus.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't understand the background of the story so I googled the topic and couldn't find it. But I did find this. Is U of L offering the class to help the sales of a U of L professors books?

Richard Tewksbury, PhD, Professor of Justice Administration, University of Louisville
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