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Page One Kentucky: They might as well just be wearing white robes

Over at Page One Kentucky, where the intolerant attitude of modern liberalism can be seen in all its glory, "Jake" posted his most recent rant about State Sen. Jack Westwood, who committed the unpardonable sin of saying he thought there was a connection between abortion and breast cancer, a connection I'm not convinced of, but one that has some not insubstantial research backing. Westwood mentioned his position (one he has taken publicly for some time) in a letter to a constituent.

That is what originally started the squawking over at Page One.

Earlier, the same "Jake" had publicly accused The Family Foundation's David Edmunds of being a closet homosexual. Why? Apparently because Edmunds has opposed domestic partner benefits policies at the state's universities. See the connection?

Neither do we.

So we decided to go for a visit over at Page One, just to ask a few questions. The conversation has apparently been stopped by the adminstrator, but we took the precaution of copying the comments section.

Here's how it went, starting with Jake's original post:
  • More on Jack Westwood - We’re Sick of Him

    June 12th, 2008 · 17 Comments

    Jack Westwood, the man who has proved to be the most ill-informed and sick legislator in Kentucky really infuriates most people these days. By now you’ve all read about his letter to Diane Brumback that essentially claims her breast cancer was caused by an abortion.

    Diane just posted Westwood’s full letter and all we can say is wow. Wow.

  • Martin Cothran: Where in his letter does Westwood say the recipient’s cancer is a result of abortion?

  • Terri: Way to miss the point, sir!

  • Martin Cothran: And the point is?

  • jake: Terri’s point is that you have to be a completely snowed not to understand why Jack was making the points he made in Diane’s letter. As Diane has explained to me personally, Jack knew of Diane’s history (and almost no one else did) and knew of the choices she had made in her life. Him bringing those issues up knowing that Diane is now suffering from breast cancer wasn’t exactly coincidental on his part.

    But, keep on spinning, Marty, and keep on hating those gays in central Kentucky. Good work.

  • Terri:

    I didn’t realize that he *was* aware of her medical history. I thought it was bad enough that he flippantly added a lie that has been disproved by myriad unbiased scientific studies and is only repeated by the ignorant (i.e., fake “science” crowd) and willful liars.

    The fact that he does know her history makes it, like, a gazillion times worse because he moves from ignorant and insensitive to brazen asshole. Taking that into mind, I’m surprised he didn’t punctuate it with a post-script, “Sluts should pay the price!”

    Guess someone’s mad that you’re making fun of their bigoted FF colleague. Franzia shower!

    · jake: Pink-flavored!

    · Martin Cothran: Mmhmm. So Westwood just wanted to hurt her feelings? Just wanted to cause her pain? Is that what you really believe? Do you really believe people are morally evil because they disagree with you on this issue–or any other? Is that your “informed, savvy take” on political situations?

    I find it interesting that you would accuse me of hate when I have never called a name or claimed anyone was evil because they disagreed with me–something that seems to characterize a good many of your posts on this blog.

    Oh, and by the way, would you characterize a public charge that someone is a homosexual with no evidence whatsoever an act of charity?

    · jake: Actually, I believe Jack Westwood to be one of the most disconnected people I’ve ever encountered and I believe he’s so ignorant that he had no idea he was causing pain. He just thought he was right and wanted to rub it in Diane’s face, to prove her wrong. (He failed) And now he has egg on his face.

    If I believed people were morally evil because they disagreed with me I wouldn’t have staunch conservative friends. Get over yourself.

    Accuse you of hate? You, David Edmunds, Kent Ostrander and Frank Simon are the four most gay-hating people in the Commonwealth. You have a history of gay-hating on radio, television, in print and on the web. Don’t try to play dumb with me.

    How do you know I have no evidence? Again, get over yourself.

    How will you feel when the gays can marry, Marty? Will you leave this country? Will you start burning crosses in our yards?

    Westwood should be thankful there are bigots like you who out rank him. Just checked your fancy little “family” website to learn that our tax dollars are supporting drag queens! FEAR! Never mind that you’re spreading disinformation.

    Here’s a screenshot for safe keeping.

    Image of Family Foundation page

    Keep preaching, brother!

    · Martin Cothran: You champions of tolerance really crack me up. I’m like so feeling the love of humanity emanating from your general direction.

    So you don’t believe people are evil for disagreeing with you but you believe the people at The Family Foundation are evil for disagreeing with you? You might want to ponder that reasoning (such as it is) a little longer.

    Oh, and you just called me a name. Isn’t that what hateful people do?

    And what would you say about a person who criticized one person (let’s say, Jack Westwood) for saying something hurtful to another individual and who then turned around and said something (very publicly) even more hurtful about another person (say, David Edmunds)?

    Would you call that person hypocritical?

    · Terri: You’re not a bad person because you disagree with Jake. You’re a bad person because you think that Jake should be considered less of a person under the law and because you make it your life’s mission to make sure that some people are treated as less-than-people in day-to-day life. FAIL at life, WIN at trolling.

    · Martin Cothran: In what way do I think Jake “less of a person under the law”? Because I don’t think that marriage means what it has meant since its very inception?

    There are plenty of Democratic politicians routinely praised in this blog who are also opposed to same sex marriage. Where is the outrage?

    Did you know that there are gays who don’t agree with same-sex marriage? Do gays who disagree with same sex marriage think gays are less than persons under the law?

    · Terri:

    and because you make it your life’s mission to make sure that some people are treated as less-than-people in day-to-day life

    If you’d learn to read, you’d be able to answer the questions you pose above. And please stop with the selectivity crap. Jake calls out Democratic politicians all the goddamn time.

    Oh, and it’s not just about gay marriage. Women also earn you and your comrades’ ire. Sounds like someone’s manhood is being threatened, IMO.

    · jake: Hold up a minute, Cothran. Who said I was a champion of tolerance? I believe the ****ed up and homophobic Family Foundation is terrible because it’s based on homophobia and fear. Plain and simple. Your chief mission is to silence people like me because you think I choose to be gay– nevermind you try to mix religion and Christianity up with everything, which is just sick. I don’t make it my life’s mission to shut people like you up– just to point out how ignorant you are.

    Yeah, I’m quite hateful. Imagine the sick, sinful and rage-filled homosexual sex I get to have with all of this hate. (Well, let’s get real here– I might as well be celibate. Just helpful for a visual, really.)

    I love that you’re trying to spin things around to make your hateful ass look nice. Haha. Love it.

    No Democrats who oppose same-sex marriage are “routinely praised” here. Most Democrats get the short end of the stick here because many are pandering, partisan, bigoted hacks.

    The gay marriage debate isn’t welcome here, kids, so get over yourselves. Take it up elsewhere. It’s tired, out-dated and over. It’s 2008.


    Homo Recruiter

    · Martin Cothran: My, my. We are getting testy, aren’t we? It is perhaps understandable when you think everyone who disagrees with you hates you. The world is full, apparently of hateful people.

    Has Jake called out Jack Conway for his campaign stance against same-sex marriage? This is a man, after all, who apparently thinks Jake is less of a person under the law.

    · jake: Testy? You can’t judge tone of voice from some text on a screen, sweet cheeks. And thanks for repeatedly spinning that I think everyone who disagrees with me hates me.

    I think Jack was careful with his campaign stance not to say gay marriage shouldn’t be legalized– and that’s because of bigots like you out in the state who know no better.

    Gotta go recruit some more gays, now. You kids have fun.

    · Martin Cothran: Okay, I’m sorry for calling you a champion of tolerance. I take it back. I will accept your confession of intolerance and make sure I don’t make the same mistake again.

    And where did I bring religion into it? I think you just did that, not me.

    Oh, and when you get a chance, you might produce some sort of evidence that I tried to “silence” you. I assume you’ll find it in the same place you’ll find evidence for your charge about David Edmunds.

    · jake: Where? On your fancy little website I linked to above.

    For evidence that you want to silence people like me (but thanks for assuming I meant ME), hit up everything you’ve ever said in the past. Your chief mission in life is to scare the bejeezus out of people about the homos and women making their own choices.

    Anyway, your little cause is cute. Have fun with it.

    · Martin Cothran: So where is that evidence about Edmunds again?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

At this point Jake exercises his moderator privileges and stops the fun. My favorite part is where Jake admits he is not tolerant. Well, or maybe it's when he hurls those ugly epithets and then accuses other people of hate, it's hard to decide.

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