Friday, June 06, 2008

More evidence that U of L is the place to be for drag queen studies

Tuitions are rising at U of L and so is the number of U of L professors on our list of proponents of dragqueenology at James Ramsey's University of Louisville. There are now five! They just keep popping up, those diverse U of L scholars who all believe the same thing.

When it comes to dragqueenology, U of L is apparently the place to be. As a commenter on a previous post points out, the page for the book The Drag Queen Anthology: The Absolutely Fabulous but Flawless Customary World of Female Impersonators, ed. Steven P. Schacht and Lisa Underwood has, prominently displayed, a plug for the book by another U of L professor:
"Truly cutting-edge... A must-read for scholars and students of the social construction of gender and gendered deviance."

--Richard Tewksbury, PhD, Professor of Justice Administration, University of Louisville.
It is beginning to look like U of L may be a world center for Drag Queen studies. Let's see, we've got U of L's Dr. Nancy Theriot defending it, U of L's Dr. Kaila Story studying it, giving lectures and writing on it, Dr. Sam Marcosson, a U of L professor and--you guessed it--"Fairness" Campaign spokesman, attacking The Family Foundation's David Edmunds for mentioning it, and U of L's Dr. Richard Tewksbury celebrating it. Maybe we will soon see a new major in dragqueenology at U of L.

What a diverse bunch of scholars the university has, all of whom seem to be of one very politically correct mind on the subject.

Yes, sadly, at Ramsey's Temple of Diversity there are still no professors on public record saying that using public money to study drag queens is, well, sort of silly, not to mention preposterous. The count is a very sorry zero. Maybe Ramsey could come up with special health benefits for scholars who have their heads screwed on straight. It would give him an opportunity to go before a legislative panel and lie about it, like he did last year.

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