Saturday, June 07, 2008

More ideological uniformity from the champions of diversity at U of L: Provost defends dragqueenology

Never has diversity been articulated in such a uniform fashion as is now being done by the James Ramsey's University of Louisville. The university's homogeneous version of heterogeneity is on display once again in today's Courier-Journal. It is now the school's provost defending the outlay of public money on Drag Queen Studies at U of L at a time of increasing tuitions.

That brings the pro-dragqueenology count to six U of L officials and professors.

Now give me a minute to calculate the number of U of L professors or staff who have a diverse opinion on this subject ... Hang on, I'm still adding up the figures ... Let's see, that comes to--oh, wait, let me check this column ... Okay, I've got it now.

Well, darn. I'm getting the same figure I got earlier this week.

It appears that the sum total of all U of L professors and staff who have registered an opinion different from the one and only opinion that seems to be acceptable at the University of Louisville on whether public money should be spent on the study of "black male-bodied drag queens" and whether the University has any business publicly funding gay and lesbian political and social activism on campus is still a whopping...


According to U of L Provost Shirley Willinghganz:
Alert: U of L faculty study drag queens. We also study cancer cells, pollution in our rivers and air, child abuse, the history of the underground railroad, movement disorders, the old and new testament, the mysteries of the heart, how to make manufacturing in Kentucky more competitive, how to build a logistics cluster in our community, and many other topics. This is the essence of a university and the core value of academic freedom. Universities must be unafraid to look at anything and everything that could make our world a better place. We can't shirk from asking those questions simply because some folks might not like them.
And we all know how the study of drag queens makes our world a better place.

So where are the conservatives in U of L with a differing opinion to fill out this alleged diversity again? Maybe we should offer a reward for information leading to the capture and tagging of any conservative faculty members at U of L. It might also be good to bring them into captivity, breed them in order to increase their numbers, and reintroduce them back into U of L's increasingly unfriendly environment.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying certain professors should be "Expelled"?

Martin Cothran said...

No. Don't think I said that.

Anonymous said...

Then what are you saying should be done with the professors and their work? Should they be allowed to continue their research and just not tell anyone about it?

Anonymous said...

The issue is whether the study of drag queens is something the taxpayers of Kentucky and the studetns of U of L should be spending dollars on.

Money is tight. Shouldn't it be spent wisely? Do the majority of students at U of L like subsidizing this research with their tuition dollars?

Moreover, if diversity is truly important. Then diversity of view points is allowed. I am sure that there are professors who think the drag queen study is a waste of money but they do not feel comfortable expressing their opinion for fear of being retaliated against.

So, then there isn't really any diversity is there? Just the flavor of the month view point of the leadership at UofL.