Friday, August 14, 2009

Student pro-life group wants Pitino gone

A student pro-life group at the University of Louisville is calling for the dismissal of basketball coach Rick Pitino:

“Rick Pitino will always be considered a great basketball coach, but just because he knows basketball does not mean the University of Louisville community should hold up this man as a role model and hero,” Lisa Just, president of Cardinals for Life, said in a news release.

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KyCobb said...

Frankly, I doubt the lady was actually pregnant-she called him only two weeks after their tryst and she was 43 years old. He probably figured he was just paying her hush money to make her go away-unfortunately for both of them she got greedy.

While this presented an opportunity for the student group to get publicity for their cause, Pitino won't get fired-there's too much money at stake. Just look at Michael Vick-a convicted felon who tortured and killed dogs is going to be paid millions of $$ by the Eagles because of his football talent.