Thursday, August 27, 2009

We're all going to die! We're all going to die! Nevermind.

If you were worried you were going to get hit by flying ice shards as glaciers collapsed in Greenland and Antartica because the Earth's thermostat has been set on "Hi" and we're all going to die because global warming is going to kill us all, there is good news: Glaciers don't collapse.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Art said...

Martin, glaciers are like old soldiers. (Don't make me explain.)

Visited Glacier National Park in 1994 and 2003. Trust me, glaciers are melting. Heck, we're gonna need a new name for that park before too long. (Little Johnny - "Daddy, while is this place called Glacier National Park?" Father - "Um, er, because there used to be glaciers here." Johnny - "Oh yeah, like Dinosaur National Monument! Did the meteor wipe out the glaciers like it did the dinosaurs?" Father - "Um, er, no." Johnny - "Daddy, what's a glacier, anyway?" etc., etc.)

Martin Cothran said...


They may be melting in Montana, but they're forming in my back yard.