Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where Obama's reform ideas have been tried before--and failed

What if you could find an industry that provided a service universally, with a greater degree of choice, that had a substantial "public option" mechanism to compete with private providers but that provided a tax break to help offset a private option if you chose one?

We found it:

Oh my, but the resulting costs of this system (college and university education) to consumers has gone up, not down. How can this be?

College and University education is available to virtually everyone with an IQ above that of an amoeba, there are countless choices available to interested families and students, and it has a "public option" in the form of vast state-run colleges and universities in virtually every state. In fact, some states have more than one state system (check out California).

But, strangely the cost of a college or university education has not only not stayed reasonable, it has increased at a rate faster than that of health care services.

Imagine that.

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