Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Disagreement as hatred

Jim Burroway over at Box Turtle Bulliten, a gay rights blog, tries to answer the question why so many gays think that Christians hate them: "Maybe because this is the most visible face of Christianity."

And what is visible? Disagreement. That is all that is necessary to be charged with hate by gay rights groups. Merely dissenting from a gay rights political position is taken as conclusive evidence that you hate gays. This is the level of political maturity these groups display.

But perhaps James Kalb has a better explanation of this and other Orwellian methods of liberalism in his new book The Tyranny of Liberalism:
Words take on new meanings: "hatred" comes to include opposition to liberal initiatives, while "inclusiveness" requires non-liberals to abandon their principles and even identity. "Tolerance" treats objections to liberalism as attacks on neutrality that are oppressive simply by being made. "Diversity" means thought control, "openness" means shutting the door to recognition of differences, and "getting government out of our bedrooms" means sexual harassment law, training children to use condoms, and insisting that homosexuality be treated as equivalent to heterosexuality.

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