Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jake goes nuclear on David Williams

Jake at Page One Kentucky, the National Enquirer of the Kentucky blog world, didn't like State Senate President David William's challenge to Kathy Stein at The Family Foundation's press conference yesterday in the Capitol Rotunda to apologize to the state's foster parents by implying they didn't want the children who they were fostering.

Jake took his own swipe at the state's foster parents and went nuclear on Williams:
Really, Marty Cothran and David Williams? If those 7,000 children in foster care are wanted– why are their parents doing horrible, ******* jobs? And why are you haters trying to make it even more impossible for them to find good homes? Kathy Stein should tell David Williams to [this part has been censored as it refers to activity which some of us find distasteful but which Jake and his friends have made a whole political movement out of], publicly, on the Senate floor. And David having anything to do with Martin means he and his staff are now off our list– including our close friends– until King David publicly distances himself from the bigoted hatemonger.
No! How can Jake do this? Take David Williams off his "list"! Has he no mercy at all? And Jake's "close friends" too [who apparently also have "lists," although it is unclear exactly what these lists are for and we are not sure we really want to know anyway because it might gross us out]?

Poor David Williams. Just imagine how he must feel after finding out he is no longer on Jake's "list". He's probably at his therapist's now, trying to put his life back together.

This Jake. He really means business.

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