Monday, March 09, 2009

Hint to Jake on HB 28's troubles: It ain't Stumbo's fault

We realize that mere personal acrimony often takes the place of legitimate political analysis at Page One Kentucky, but Jake's speculations about Greg Stumbo stopping the Adulterer's Rights Act of 2009 (HB 28) because of Stumbo's "past indiscretions" has all the legitimacy of ... well, of most of the other things Jake says.

There are legislators on both sides of the aisle who have problems with this bill, and if it went to the floor, it would easily be defeated. There are members of both parties ready to speak against it. When that happens, the rest of the members, who don't normally know much about the bills they are voting on because they don't read them, know it must be bad and they vote against it.

Owens demonstrated in the committee hearing that he either is not familiar with the issues surrounding his own bill or that he simply is not competent to debate. The lawyers in the House, who realize how poorly conceived the bill is, would use him for target practice during the floor discussion. Why would Democratic leaders put a bill on the floor that is doomed and embarrass one of their own members (sponsor Daryl Owens is a Democrat)?

This House leadership team, whether you agree with its members or not, actually knows how to run the place. You don't put a bill on the floor that is going down in flames.

That's something people who claim to offer an "informed, savvy take on media and politics in Kentucky" should know.

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