Monday, March 23, 2009

Media bias again. Is anyone surprised?

The Lexington Herald-Leader had time during the busy Legislative session to cover a gay rights rally of about 100 people, but not enough time to cover Saturday's Kentucky Tea Party even though there were between 1,000 and 1,500 people there.

Surprise, surprise. And they wonder why they're not getting any sympathy for the fact that they are slowly (well, maybe not so slowly) going out of business.

The only television station to cover the event was Channel 36. C'mon guys, this just doesn't look good.


Lee said...

I have always said liberals would rather be liberal than successful. Been saying it for years, believed it for years, but never had empirical confirmation until relatively recently.

My local fishwrap, the Virginian-Pilot, seems to be dying a slow and agonizing death, after many years of being the liberal voice in a center-conservative region. During the 2004 Democratic convention, there was a large color photo on the front page of John Edwards with a photogenic smile and his arms outstretched. The caption read, "A Message of Hope." Minus the quotes, that is: this was a fact, obviously, and we wouldn't want people to think it was a mere perspective. Perspectives are for the editorial page. Fact, such as the Democrats bring hope, is front-page stuff.

Now they are laying off and I'm having a wonderful bout of crocodile tears.

Anonymous said...

What about that garbage in the Herald-Leader covering DRAG QUEENS a couple of Sunday's ago? Did anyone else catch that? It was hard to miss it!!!!!!