Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sen. President Williams calls on Kathy Stein to "apologize" to the state's foster parents

Senate President David Williams called on State. Sen. Kathy Stein "apologize" for comments she made on the floor of the Senate yesterday in the debate over a bill requiring doctors to give young women an opportunity to see an ultrasound of their unborn child saying that we already have 7,000 children now in foster care who are "unwanted." Williams remarks were made to a crowd of 150-200 in the Capitol Rotunda this morning who had gathered for the announcement of the "Covenant with Kentucky Families," a set of five family-friendly bills now being considered by state lawmakers.

Stein “owes a public apology to the state’s foster parents,” said Williams, who pointed out that it was pretty obvious they were wanted, "otherwise they [the parents] wouldn’t be foster parents.” “Some mother loved those 7,000 children enough to let them come into the world to be born,” he added.

And anyway, why is it so important for Stein to make people think they are unwanted? After all, it's too late to abort them.


Anonymous said...

Every is under the assumption that only children that have been abused and neglected are in foster care.

There is rampant abuse going on in the department of protection of permanency which the Cabinet refuses to sanction social workers for the fraud they are committing in writing up false TWIST records.

Furthermore, Foster parents get paid to be foster parents. Yes, there are some foster parents who do it for the right motivation. However, there are foster parents who sole motivation is getting that paycheck. The more kids they get, the bigger paycheck.

Unknown said...

So, what does this mean? Is David Williams saying that there are not any unwanted children in Kentucky? Is he saying that Kentucky has no orphans? That's nice. I mean if every kid in Kentucky has parents, we are doing good. If there are no orphans, then why all the fuss about gay people wanting to adopt them?