Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Pro-gay" newspaper runs article on adoption bill

I suppose it is sort of superfluous to point it out, but the media is congenitally incapable of objectively reporting on any issue having anything to do with gay rights.

When gay rights groups had a rally last week, the media descended on it, and we heard again and again how over 100 people showed up. But then, when family groups had a rally almost twice that size, not only was it not reported, there was only one reporter who showed up.

Today, when Senate Bill 68, which would ensure that children will not be placed in home where there is a live-in sexual partner, the Courier-Journal again mentioned the gay rights rally in their article, but, alas, no mention of the opposing rally.

They did quote David Edmunds of The Family Foundation the online story, but they let the Fairness Alliance write part of their headline: "'Anti-gay' Adoption bill advances."

It's going so be sad to see the newspapers go.

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Lee said...

> It's going so be sad to see the newspapers go.

I'm going to throw a party.