Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Page One continues to publicize gay pedophilia

It's just plain strange for a blog that doesn't believe gay pedophilia is a problem to keep talking about the issue. As we predicted, Jake at Page One Kentucky insists on talking about it. After accusing us of invoking the issue in the debate over Senate Bill 68 when we never did, and after explaining that we really would rather talk about something else, Jake continues to bring it up. We now count five times he's mentioned it on his blog. We couldn't have brought more attention to it if we had wanted to.

In his most recent post, Jake accuses us of employing "18th century arguments". Now, we're pretty confident that Jake's reading has never brought him into contact with an 18th century argument or, for that matter, any argument from any century, take your pick. And we're also fairly certain that 21st century arguments are generally unfamiliar to him. At least, we have a hard time remembering if we've ever seen an actual argument employed on his website.

Why employ arguments when you can question people's motives, accuse them of being closet homosexuals, or Photoshop pictures of them to make some lewd point?

Or you could simply employ logical fallacies like the one he uses in the comments section of the same post after someone told him that the post was in bad taste and that they expected more of Page One, at which point Jake responds, "It’s something we’ve done dozens of times."

Wow. So the more you do something the more ethically justified you are? Jake may just have discovered the way to reduce the evil of the "bigotry" which he's always bemoaning: Just encourage people to be bigoted all the time. Then, when someone accuses them of engaging in repeated acts of bigotry, they just just say, "It's something we've done dozens of times."

And if someone asks you where they got that cockamamie argument, they just refer him to Jake at Page One.

The same commenter who said the last post was in bad taste also told Jake to "grow up." But this is a procedure that many of us grown ups are not sure can be easily accomplished.

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