Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is science a casualty of Global Warming alarmism?

Willis Eschenbach at Watt's Wrong with That? on the beating science itself has taken from the Global Warming crowd:
People seem to be missing the real issue in the CRU emails. Gavin over at realclimate keeps distracting people by saying the issue is the scientists being nasty to each other, and what Trenberth said, and the Nature “trick”, and the like. Those are side trails. To me, the main issue is the frontal attack on the heart of science, which is transparency.

Science works by one person making a claim (hypothesis), and backing it up with the data and methods that they used to make the claim. Other scientists attack the work by (among other things) trying to replicate the first scientist’s work. If they can’t replicate it, it doesn’t stand. So blocking the FOIA allowed Phil Jones to claim that his temperature record (HadCRUT3) was valid science.

This is not just trivial gamesmanship, this is central to the very idea of scientific inquiry.
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And while your there, check out the e-mail correspondence detailing the history of unsuccessful attempts Eschenbach has made to get the actual data upon which global warming alarmism is based.

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