Monday, November 23, 2009

NYT refuses to publish e-mails embarrassing to Global Warming advocates

It is amazing how liberal journalists all of sudden discover scruples when faced with decisions about printing information that goes against there editorial positions. Here is the Worldwide Standard on the New York Times blog refusing to print e-mails from someone who hacked a server that are causing not a little embarrassment for Global Warming alarmists:

With the release of hundreds of emails by scientists advocates of global warming showing obvious and entirely inappropriate collusion by the authors -- including attempts to suppress dissent, to punish journals that publish peer-reviewed studies casting doubt on global warming, and to manipulate data to bolster their own arguments -- even the New York Times is forced to concede that "the documents will undoubtedly raise questions about the quality of research on some specific questions and the actions of some scientists." But apparently the paper's environmental blog, Dot Earth, is taking a pass on publishing any of the documents and emails that are now circulating. Andrew Revkin, the author of that blog, writes,

The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won’t be posted here.

Ahem. Has anyone noticed that this is the same paper of record that published the Pentagon Papers?

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