Friday, November 13, 2009

Catholic Church joins Ft. Hood casualties as victims of Diversity

Add the Catholic Church to the pro-Diversity body count.

Some are criticizing the Catholic Church for saying it will discontinue some $10 million worth of social services it provides through Catholic Charities in Washington, D. C. if the politically correct city leadership require the church to hire gays who disagree with Church doctrine.
The Catholic Church weighs the lives of tens of thousands of sick, homeless people against the chance to slap down the dignity of gay people again, and obviously the most important thing is to make sure the primacy of heterosexuality is preserved.
So huffs P. Z. Myers.

But did you heard Myers make the same argument against the liberals who vowed to oppose the U. S. House health care bill because of the Stupak amendment which prohibits insurance companies from funding abortion services? Aren't they weighing the health of tens of millions of people against the chance to slap down the constitutional rights of women?

Neither did I.

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