Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not getting any respect

All of this criticism on my blog of my controversial theory that a Muslim guy who shoots up a military installation shouting "Allahu akbar!" was an act of terrorism is really stressing me out. It's enough to cause a guy to go out and shoot up some place and kill a bunch of people.

At least then I could gain the respect of my critics.


Art said...

Martin, maybe you can tell your readers the details for the Jasen Bruce Defense Fund that I am sure you will be setting up. The nerve of law enforcement in this country, arresting a patriot who was only following his instincts.

All the more reason why we need to be re-opening internment camps, don't you think, Martin?

But why restrict our herding to just Muslims? This country would be much better off if all followers of all of the Abrahamic death cults (thanks, PZ Myers) were rounded up and sent to some camps. Ideally, somewhere isolated enough so that the different sects can go about their ages-old duty of slaughtering each other without bothering the rest of humanity.

Lee said...

Would a "death cult" be a group that believes in abortion? Or euthanasia?

Or even in not reproducing and thus guaranteeing survival of one's culture?

Seems to me it's the post-Christians who are the death cultists.

We'd be celebrating the grand traditions of atheism as well... except there has been no atheistic culture yet that has survived more than a handful of generations.

Europe's is certainly going to go down within a generation or so. Even if we were to grant that atheism/socialism is more enlighted, it is doomed now to be replaced by the "other" Abrahamic cult.

You know, the one that actually kills people who say the things you say.

Hope your ideological brothers in Europe enjoy it when it arrives.

Meanwhile, cultists like me will do our best to keep cultists like you from allowing to happen here what cannot now be stopped from happening there.