Friday, November 27, 2009

Where is the Scientific Integrity Patrol on Climategate?

The Scientific Integrity Patrol, which blew up over the appointment of Francis Collins as the head of the National Institutes of Health because he was a Christian, has been noticeably silent about Climategate. The silence of the Jerry Coynes and P. Z. Myers of the world doesn't even ascend to the level of a double standard, as pointed out nicely by Michael Egnor at the Discovery Institute:

Compare the pro-science blogosphere’s silence about fraud and scientific misconduct in climate science to another recent controversy in science: the appointment of Francis Collins as Director of the National Institutes of Health. Collins is a scientist of the highest professional and personal reputation. His scandal, according to the science blogsphere, is this:

He’s a Christian who publicly talks about his belief in God.

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Lee said...

Well, at least now we know why they could confidently taunt critical papers for not being peer-reviewed. It helps your case when you can influence which papers get peer-reviewed, and which publications are allowed to do so.

My instincts tell me this may be the tip of the iceberg, especially when billions of dollars in grant money are at stake. What other branch of scientific inquiry likes to taunt its critics for not being peer-reviewed?