Friday, November 06, 2009

Our new name

Okay, so we're finally bowing to pressure from friends who say I should have a blog name that people can actually pronounce. And it wouldn't hurt, they further advise, if it was actually in English.


So I am changing the name (but not the web address--this is my way of sticking to my guns on this issue when I'm really not) to "Vital Remnants," which was a close runner up in the original blog name competition.

There is, of course, a book by this name, which has nothing to do with this blog, although we are a big fan of the book and think it's a really cool title (with the extra added advantage that no other blog has taking it yet like they have with every other cool name).

So we're going to keep it unless someone sues us or asks us nicely to use something else.


Anonymous said...

Sounds kind of like a carpet store.

Martin Cothran said...

You mean a very important carpet store.