Thursday, November 26, 2009

Washington Times: Denialists responsible for Global Warming researchers bad behavior

Maybe we should just be glad the Washington Post is acknowledging it at all, but in their editorial today, the paper makes the case that the real problem with overstating the Global Warming threat and trying to suppress dissenting opinions in scientific journals is that it makes the alarmists in the journalistic community look bad. And besides, it's all the fault of Global Warming denialists anyway:
Whatever else comes out about the stolen documents, they have become examples of how not to react to climate-change deniers. You need not dig very far into the stolen documents to discover why climate researchers shouldn't overstate an already strong case. One discusses how scientists can't account for a recent, measured lack of warming -- a fact that climate-change deniers use to ignore the massive body of evidence that global warming could be a dire threat. Really, it demonstrates that the Earth's systems are extremely difficult to predict in detail.

...The case that governments should hedge against that outcome is formidable enough. Climate scientists should not let themselves be goaded by the irresponsibility of the deniers into overstating the certainties of complex science or, worse, censoring discussion of them.
That's called accepting the responsibility for your enemies behavior. This is how it works at the Washington Post.

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