Tuesday, September 09, 2008

8 Lies: The lengthening list of false charges against Sarah Palin

Liberal Democrats and their friends in the media have leveled charge after charge at Sarah Palin, none of which has actually had any basis in reality. They include:
  • That her child Trig was actually her daughter's child
  • That she was having an affair with a staffer
  • That she was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party
  • That she supported Pat Buchanan
  • That she slashed money for a program benefiting teen mother
And my personal favorite:
  • That she named her children after witches
Now we can add two more:
  • That she banned books at the local library
  • That she opposes mention of contraceptives in schools
But we should be careful about getting off topic and remember our Democratic talking points about the inaccuracies in Sarah Palin's speech.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen anyone say that she actually banned books, but she did attempt to.



BTW, I'm looking through your posts, and I don't see you listing the false internet claims about Obama: that he's a Muslim, etc, etc, which were probably more widely disseminated, and more serious lies. Is there a reason for this other than pure bias?

Lee said...

James Taranton of the Wall Street Journal says the charges of book banning are bogus:


Whatever the truth is, what's the matter with banning certain books from the library? Should we put books like "Debbie Does Dallas" on the shelves? Everybody believes in censorship, only when our own standards are enforced, we don't see it as censorship, but "upholding standards."

How many liberals would want to get books on Creationism and Intelligent Design out of the public school libraries?

See what I mean?

Lee said...
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