Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Democrats strange charge against Palin on the Bridge to Nowhere

The Democrats are accusing Sarah Palin of lying about opposing the "Bridge to Nowhere" on the grounds that, before she opposed it, she didn't oppose it. That's a rather strange argument. On that logic Barack Obama never stopped using cocaine, since, before, he stopped using it, he used it.

Here is South Carolina Sen. Jim Demint on Palin's record on the Bridge to Nowhere and a few other things.

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Anonymous said...


Nothing strange about the democrats charges. Palin presents herself as a reformer. The reality is that she supported the Bridge to Nowhere until national outrage became so great it was politically expedient to cancel it and spend the money on other projects. Thats not a reformer-she would never have changed her mind about the bridge if she hadn't had to. Palin is an earmaek queen.