Friday, September 05, 2008

Obama's work on swing sets and sandboxes more evidence of his qualifications to be president

This just in from the Worldwide Standard: Obama's experience ensuring swing sets and sandboxes free of glass at public parks during his time as a "community organizer" more evidence of his presidential qualifications:

It was the first step in an informal partnership between Obama's constituents and Friends of the Parks that led to renovations and increased security in a handful of far South Side parks and playgrounds.

Ensuring that swings have seats and sandboxes are free of glass might not seem requisite skills for a man who could be president of the United States. But associates say Obama's approach to the unglamorous task illustrates his style as a community organizer - an experience he cites as "the best education I ever had," qualifying him to unite a racially and socially fractured nation and "create change from the bottom up."

Take that, governor of Alaska!


Lee said...

As best as I can tell, ACORN is a left-wing activist organization funded by our taxes. "Community organizer" is simply a P.C. term for leftist agitator.

Sort of like hiding in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, but I know Martin is in favor of the local and the small. I find it hard to diminish this work.

It reminds me of a youth pastor assistant I once knew who told me that if he was feeling too full of himself he would go clean out the pig styes.

"Mean" work prepares us for leadership.

Martin Cothran said...

I'm playing upon the criteria of Palin's detractors, not mine.

Lee said...

I don't consider the local "small" when it is a) subsidized federal income tax dollars and b) takes a partisan stance.