Friday, September 12, 2008

KY education blogger sides with Page One against Bluegrass Institute

I can understand why Richard Day, the proprietor of Kentucky School News and Commentary, is impatient with the Bluegrass Institute because of what he feels is too high a level of vitriol. "I get my fill," says Day, "of the outrage-of-the-day mentality and petty name-calling that goes on regularly at the Bluegrass Institute blog now. Everybody's a liar, or a fraud - and always an educrat."

Well, I can understand Day's aversion to the hurling of epithets, although I haven't noticed any appreciably higher levels of name-calling from Bluegrass than any other similar kind of group that gets involved in public controversy. But what is curious is why he would pass judgment on the Bluegrass Institute and not Page One, Kentucky, the blog with which David Adams at Bluegrass recently got into a little spat.

Page One is a left-wing state blog with a strong penchant for muckraking--much of it quite good muckraking, in fact. But if your problem is name-calling and an "outrage-of-the-day" mentality, one wonders how Day could see it at Bluegrass but not at Page One. In fact, Bluegrass would have to put forth more effort that I think it is capable of to match the tastelessness and lack of care and caution in commenting on issues that has become common practice at Page One.


Richard Day said...


You're right. I was holding the Bluegrasss Institute to a higher standard.

This, despite the truly excellent work Page One has done with the Robert Felner story.

Perhaps Am I wrong to do that.



David Adams said...

I'm still waiting for critics of Bluegrass Institute's education findings to criticize them on their merits rather than for my tone or supposed intentions.

David Adams said...

Oh, and Dr. Day objects to me labeling the KDE and the Prichard Committee as truth-challenged despite the fact that they continue to peddle false data as gospel -- a point we have documented and demonstrated repeatedly.