Saturday, September 06, 2008

Not Even Semi-Tough: Obama's defenders can dish it out, but apparently can't take it

More complaints from the people who want control of the world's greatest economic and military power wanting to know why the Republicans are being so mean to them.


Jason Kuznicki said...

First, I do not support Obama. I have been consistently critical of him for a very long time.

Second, the post you linked to at my blog can't possibly be construed as a complaint that people are being mean to Obama.

I called Palin's speech typical, and (for me at least) not that extraordinary. Vice-presidential candidates are traditionally expected to make attacking speeches, and she did so. This is in no sense a complaint. It's just like noticing that the sun has risen in the east. Ordinary. Expected.

The real problem I had with Palin's speech (and, I'd add, with many other VP convention speeches) is that it was relatively light on substance.

Therefore I made what I thought was a far more policy-based and important criticism of Obama: I don't see how he expects to pay for his health care plan. This is a serious strike against him, as I suspect you would agree.

To sum up: I do think you've misread and misunderstood me. Please go back and look at what I've written again.

Martin Cothran said...


Thanks for posting. You described Palin's speech as "a nasty piece of business." How are your readers supposed to construe that?

Jason Kuznicki said...

They are supposed to construe it as an obvious truth. But much of politics is nasty, regardless of party affiliation, as I am sure you are aware.