Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Palin revelations could torpedo nomination

Yesterday, Americans learned that, despite Sarah Palin's stand on values issues, her 17 year-old daughter is pregnant out of wedlock. Liberal bloggers, knowing hypocrisy when they see it, pounced on the event, asking how this could happen in a family headed by a woman who champions family values.

But just when the McCain campaign thought it couldn't get any worse, there were several new revelations coming today that could torpedo her nomination altogether.

It was revealed today that despite her "get tough on crime" stance, there is still crime in Alaska. "This is an outrage," said an anonymous poster at Daily Kos, who has been scrupulously tracking Palin's numerous hypocrisies. "How can someone who claims to be in opposition to things like murder and robbery preside over a state in which crime actually occurs?"

Daily Kos has posted a timeline on its site indicating the dates on which she made her anti-crime declarations. It also contains photos of Palin in various anti-crime poses alongside the state's actual crime statistics. "Just look at her finger when she makes a point about crime," said Kos, "It isn't even straight. It's obvious that Palin is not serious about this issue."

She is also opposed to poverty. Even though the state is 39th in the nation in terms of its poverty rate, there are still people who go without. "How can you be the governor of a state in which a single person goes hungry and claim to be against poverty?" asked Andrew Sullivan. "Not only that," he said, "How do you explain her views on education and jobs? If she supports them, how does she explain the fact that there is still ignorance and unemployment in Alaska? In fact, there are ignorant people who are unemployed. Not only that, there are unemployed ignorant people in poverty living there."

"These are people who don't even know they are unemployed because they are ignorant, and they're too hungry to even think about going to school to learn and can't afford to anyway because they don't have a job--because they are unemployed. And besides that, they don't know anything. How does the McCain campaign explain that? Huh?"

The new revelations have also increased speculation about the vetting process McCain's advisers employed in checking into Palin's past. Some experts have speculated that the McCain's advisers simply didn't "If they were checking back issues of the National Enquirer and The Star like we do, they would know this stuff," said an anonymous source at Kos.


Anonymous said...

Wow, 7 in a row. Is Mr Cothran just this hot for VP candidate Palin or is he directing our attention away from real issues which might affect her candidacy?
I don't know enough to tell if she will be a help or a hindrance, but as she is someone new to the national scene, all her skeletons are being dragged out for the first time.


Martin Cothran said...

That's an interesting argument: My arguments that Palin's critics are directing our attention away from real issues is directing our attention away real issues.