Monday, September 15, 2008

Jake at Page One: Is this guy for real?

Jake at Page One Kentucky, while hurling hateful epithets (his favorites are "homophobe" and "bigot"), gives a hellfire and brimstone lecture on the evils of ... hate. Preaching things he doesn't practice is apparently Jake's favorite passtime.

Jake is still suffering under the delusion that he knows how to count votes in a legislative leadership election by using the sophisticated method of calling legislators, each of whom, surely cognizant that they have an amateur on their hands, is telling him what he wants to hear using the sophisticated method of not telling him what he wants to know.

Jake falls for it every time.

He thinks Stumbo, who, in contrast to Jake, is an experienced and veteran vote-counter, doesn't have the votes he needs to gain the House Speakership. We'll see.

But Jake then goes on to conclude that I somehow support Stumbo in the race. He apparently, in addition to not being able to distinguish between a candid answer and a put on, cannot distinguish between political analysis and political cheerleading.

Why in the world would I support Stumbo for speaker? Stumbo's views and mine are, in many cases, diametrically opposed. He's for gambling, I'm against it. He is for same-sex marriage, I'm not. In fact, Stumbo, whose leadership abilities dwarf those of Richards on Richard's good day, would be bad news for conservatives, not good news. Why would you want your liberal opponents to have a competent leader rather than an incompetent one?

In fact, it would be far more palatable to conservatives to have Richards in the chair. But now Jake has gone and connected me with Stumbo, something that can't possibly help Stumbo, and, in fact, could hurt him.

I just wish I could take credit for consciously manipulating Jake into this position of helping me when he thinks he has struck a blow for his left-wing cause, but I'm afraid Jake deserves all the credit for maneuvering himself into this absurd position.

Shhhh. Don't tell him.

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