Friday, September 26, 2008

The House Republican response to the bailout

The House Republican response to the bailout plan.


Lee said...

They're going to be steamrolled, but this rare and late showing of courage and principle from someone, anyone, in the Republican Party is welcome, if futile. It's worth at least a golf clap or two.

Anonymous said...

Gee President Bush, it seems your word ain't worth much anymore, and why should it be? PS Looking all the world like someone in a hostage video doesn't help, especially when you want 700 BILLION dollars no questions asked. Is it too late for impeachment?

Martin Cothran said...


I wish I could agree with you about the Republicans here, but I'm afraid the backbones they appear to have are an optical illusion. My understanding is that the calls in opposition to the bailout in some of these districts is 25-to-1 against it.

What their real feelings are is irrelevant: they're trying to save their own skin. I've been around a legislature for almost 20 years, and I know their MO.

It's not what they do when they go with the flow of sentiment, it's what they do when they have to go against it.

Lee said...

Perhaps you're right, Martin, but it's been so long since any Republican who isn't named Ron Paul has gone the right way on principle, perhaps I did not correctly identify the motivation behind it.

Still, mine is the charitable view, if also the forlorn one.

It's just a hard pill to swallow when you realize the Democrats could never get away with such a massive move to socialism.

Democrats can hurt you, but it takes a Republican to bury it up to the hilt in your back.