Monday, September 22, 2008

Where is Congress when you don't need them?

Thanks to Cartago Delenda Est for this one. I have been wondering the same thing: Where do these quasi-governmental agencies like the Fed get the authority to spend tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money on bailouts? Where I come from (the U. S. of A.) the House of Representatives has the power of the purse.

Where is Congress?

Here's my theory: there may be some Constitutional ground for QUANGOs (QUAsi-Non Governmental Organizations) to determine spending--but I'd sure like to know what it is. But, regardless, the reason Congress isn't involved is because they don't want to touch this with a ten foot pole.

This is a result of the invertebrate nature of politicians in general, who want someone else to take the responsibility when it really belongs to them.

In other words, nothing new here.

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Hannah said...

Sorry that this is off topic, Martin, but silently reading 'QUANGO' and pronouncing it mentally gave me a good laugh. I don't like 'em either.